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Unfolded length:165cm folded Length:77cm
Self Weight:1.11Kg Loading:3.5Kg
Material:Anodised Aluminium
Contains: Mogopod main section, 3-legs, ball head, 3/8 Adapter
"MOGOPOD"is made for Photography Hobbyist and Professional, which is an easy to take and multifunctional photographic equipment, with the special fast adjust system and Top A, Top B extensions,free us from the complex photographic accessories, Make sure of using the Mogopod at unending changing. Mogopod, fight the changing.
Mogopod has extensions at Top A and Top B. Top A is for 3/8 screw and also 1/4 screw. Top B is for universal 1/4 screw. With extensions, We can connect all kinds of video or camera equipment and Mogopod.

The covered foam rubber, with high stability and ageing resistance. Makes the handle more soft and flexible, also with the functions of sound absorption and heat insulation.

Mogopod has the unique drive system. Make sure of the fast adjustment of height. can be used as Mogopod, flashlight holder and Microphone boom. Can be faster. Because Mogopod can stretch out and draw back smoothly, also can be used as a camera crane.