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Award Winning MOTION system

The award winning Shark Slider S1A3 with super smooth motion control is the ultimate in three axis automated movement. This modular, toolless system is easy and quick to deploy and can be used either on location or in the studio.

‘The most advanced film gear I have ever used’ Anders Overgaard (Andyax Productions).

SMOOTH is everything

The Shark Slider S1. Beautifully designed and engineered to ensure smooth, stable, controlled single axis camera movement…...sheer poetry in motion.

‘There are plenty of other sliders that you can buy……….but this is the slider that I really like……’ Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) US Youtube Vlogger.

Versatile Monopod System

The award winning Cobra 2 Series monopods, lightweight, durable, easy to use. Whether you are a photographer or moving image maker, the Cobra 2 combined with the Komodo K5 camera head make an awesome camera kit combo.

‘The iFootage monopod system is one of the best systems I have seen in a very long time (and) I’ve been doing this for over twenty years’  Michael Cranfield. Commercial and Industrial photographer.

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Great images are supported by great gear.

iFootage re-defining camera support equipment.

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