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Changing Creative Horizons


This innovative product is designed as an easy to use, quick release L-shaped camera plate. It comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" thread options and can be directly installed on to the Shark Slider Nano.


Compact, lightweight and portable

Nano compatible

Auto locking system

Creating vertical vistas

Designed as an easy to use, quick release, L-shaped camera plate, the LP-01 comes with both 1/4" and 3/8" thread options and can be directly attached to the Shark Slider Nano. It's the perfect tool for creating sensational vertical camera movement on the slider and in this position it also provides camera tilt control and movement.

Balance and flexibility

The L-shaped camera plate offers a range of different attachment screw size threads and positions across the plate. By balancing the camera at its true centre of gravity and selecting the appropriate positioning on the plate to attach to the slider carriage, the user is able to ensure optimum performance from the camera set up.

M30 compatibility

The LP-01 is further enhanced through the additional use of the M30 Ball Head quick release plate which can be used as a rapid and reliable system for attaching the LP plate to the Shark Slider Nano in next to no time at all, ramping up workflows and saving on both time and frustration.

Extending your creativity

Take your remote camera movement to the next level by combining the LP-01 with the Shark Slider Nano. Create super smooth vertical slides and terrific camera tilts simply by attaching this innovative tool to your slider. Valuable addition for studio creatives, product videos and social content providers.

Panoramic Perfection

But there's more. Create panoramic recordings like never before, using the LP-01 in combination with the Shark Slider Nano. Take total high precision control of your panoramic shooting and time-lapses using the innovative Nano IPS touchscreen or smartphone app control.

Auto safe and secure

Simply push to unfold and lock the LP plate, then push again and fold back to auto lock it safely and securely. The LP-01 weighs just 190g, takes a payload of up to 1.8kg and automatically folds safely so it can be easily stored in your kitbag or pocket.

Details and Specifications



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Aluminum Alloy

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