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Introducing the ultimate in portable LED lighting

HL1 C4 RGBW Handy Light

Say hello to reliable, controllable, flexible localised studio and location lighting.

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Fingertip lighting

The Anglerfish HL1 C4 is a stylish, portable pocket light which features colour temperature, HSI, Special Effects and multiple light control.

The Look

Available in a range of funky, vibrant colours, the HL1 C4 is a versatile, flexible and powerful handy light with an ergonomic and tactile design.

Magnetic Attraction

The magnetic rear means that the light can be quickly and safely placed on any metal object such as shelving and the magnetically secured diffuser removed to produce hard or soft light.

Dual Control

Reliable and convenient operation using the intuitive on-board LED screen or via Bluetooth using the iFootage Lumin App-the choice is yours!

Lighting Special Effects

Access more than 16 different lighting effects including paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, strobe, night club, emergency vehicle and explosion as well as music mode which enables the lights to react to a chosen soundtrack.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Designed for easy and rapid access and deployment, the HL1 C4 lights are the final word in portability and localised efficient lighting- ensuring you have controllable illumination whenever and wherever you need it.

Keyframe controls

Within the Lumin App you can select keyframe settings within different modes. You can apply keyframes to layout, loop method, fade time, duration etc to achieve a repeatable lighting status or set of lighting conditions.

Feel the power

Controlling all the lights using the lumin App could not be easier. You can choose to add multiple lights to a project and by setting keyframes on each light you can create a multiple light sequence.

Pocket Power

With up to a 2 hour run time, further extended by using a USB-C power bank and the ability to run and charge at the same time-these lights are unstoppable.

Small is mighty

The perfect lighting solution for smartphone recording, vlogging, streaming, presenting, interviewing, small product shoots, location recording, content provision, studio work and youtube recording.

Mood Light


Handy Light Source

Product Lighting

Creative and Technical information

Bringing even more light into your creative world, the HL1 C4 Handy Lights are a simple, versatile and reliable way to enhance your video projects and support your busy workflows.

A rotationally symmetrical lens produces a highly controlled beam pattern which when combined with the benefits of rotating array technology produces a more uniform, superior quality of light.

Details and Specifications

HL1 C4

Colour Temperature Range




HSI Range


Saturation Range


Brightness Range


Green/Magenta Range

-1 ~ +1






BLE 5.1

Charging Port




Battery Capacity


Protection Grade


Working Temperature

-15°C - 45°C



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