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Why Seastars?

6 reasons

Seastars Q1S on slider

Quick release design

The perfect way to sway your rig from, tripod

to monopod, to slider, to minicrane and back

to tripod.

iFootage Seastars Q1S Mounting

Easy to use

Can install without looking at it, quick self

locking design, simple twist to unlock.

iFootage Seastars Q1S on monopod

Multiple uses

Easily and quickly move your camera between

support kit and accessories and enjoy improved

workflows and increased productivity

iFootage Seastars Q1S with heavy camera

'Click' and lock safety system

100% secure and reliable locking. Ergonomic

design-simply connect, click and lock.

Compact, lightweight and very portable

Tiny form factor-fits in your pocket! Max payload

9kg making it suitable for DSLR to

broadcast cameras

iFootage Seastars Q1S 1/4 and 3/8 mount

Total compatibility

Compatible with majority of tripods, monopods,

heads, sliders, jibs and accessories and

ncorporates 1/4" & 3/8" universal mount options

New update, even better

Update: Seastars QS1 is compatible with Q1 mount and the new design optimises locking

by introducing a grub screw anchored to the base plate reducing further the possibility of wriggle

Uses common 4MM hex key to mount and tighten grub screw, ensuring no movement

When installing Q1S, ensure the lens direction is aligned with markings on the release plate

so camera is pointing in right direction

iFootage Seastars Q1S diagram

Please watch our installation video

Multiple uses

Save time and money with this one stop quick swop solution


Rapid deployment fast swop mounting


Sway your rig your way

Quickly attach your rig and instantly move it between you camera support equipment

Attaches to your tripod or camera head


Move your rig in seconds, not minutes

The Q1S system and multiple top plates give you freedom to
move your rig between camera support equipment


For correct usage please refer to the user manual

1Quick release plate
21/4" and 3/8" mounting
5Unlock handles
7Grub screw
83/8 base mounting hole

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