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Spider Crabs

Create cinematic masterpiece with the Spider Crabs Magic Arm. This innovative tool latches perfectly with anti-slip feature, and can carry up to 6kg of gear so you can capture those action-packed scenes, in every angle possible.

For that magical on-the-move creative shot

Capture every angle
with precision

Experience the freedom to position your equipment exactly how you envision it. Spider crabs provide precise control over the angle and perspective of your setup, ensuring you capture every moment with precision and clarity.

Set up like a Pro
Endlessly versatile
Reliable, Anytime, Anywhere

Quick release system

Our unique, dual locking system allows you to effortlessly attach and detach accessories. Enjoy smooth transitions between setups and the confidence of a secure locking mechanism.

Product Highlights

Safe and sound

The twin thread, Arri pin, quick release system, offering advanced security to keep your valuable kit safe and sound, no matter the shooting conditions.

Toolless Technology

Discover the convenience of our toolless technology, streamlining your workflow with quick and easy attachment to the quick release head.

Dual lock system

Quick release head automatically locks in place when inserted into the housing and secondary locking is provided via the buckle lock system.

Longevity and reliability

With anti-slip gearing, ergonomic elbow adjustment, long-life stainless steel ball locking joints, and twin attachment heads, they provide unmatched support for your gear.

Spider crabs in action

Seamless support for uninterrupted creativity

Let your creativity flow freely while spider crabs handle the rest. This is your reliable support system, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your craft without distractions or limitations.

Versatile support for dynamic environments

Embrace versatility, designed to effortlessly adapt to any filming environment. Whether you're shooting in a studio, on location, or in challenging outdoor settings, our gear provides the flexibility you need to achieve high-budget professional results.

Mighty support for heavy payloads

Each unit may be small, but it packs a punch, safely supporting hefty payloads of up to 6kg vertically and 2.2kg horizontally. With our gear, you can tackle challenging shoots with ease, knowing your equipment is held securely in place.

Customize your setup with ease

Design your ultimate rig with our versatile system, allowing you to seamlessly combine components for optimal performance. Effortlessly integrate arms and legs to craft a setup that perfectly suits your needs and workflow.

Know the perfect
Spider Crabs for you

Device Compatibility


Our lights feature the versatile Bowens mount, ensuring compatibility with a variety
of Bowens accessories such as softboxes, beauty dishes, and more.

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