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Shark Slider Nano Giveaway T&C

Nano Give-Away Terms and Conditions.

1) Purchases or pre-orders must be made via the official iFootage online US or EU shops to be eligible for entry to the give-away.
2) Both pre-orders and actual purchases are eligible for entry to the give-away.
3) One Nano purchaser will be randomly selected per give-away.
4) The selected Nano purchaser will have the cost of their purchase refunded.
5) Refunds will be made within 30 days of the give-away winner being notified.
6) The give-away competition start date and time is deemed as the day and time that the give-away video was posted by the influencer.
7) Nano purchases or pre-orders are only eligible for entry to the give-away if the correct give-away code was used and within the start and closing times of the competition as specified in the T's & C's.
8) The give-away competition closes at 11.59pm on the 7th January 2021 GMT. 9) Any purchases or pre-orders made after that date and time will not be eligible for entry to the give-away.
10) Give-away winners agree to provide a photograph and comment to iFootage for marketing purposes.
11) Winners agree to have their name and country of location announced as part of promotion and marketing.
12) Terms and conditions may be subject to change without notification.
13) Random selection of a give-away winner is made by iFootage and their selection is final.
14) iFootage reserve the right to withdraw the give-away competition without notice.

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