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Wildcat III

Product image 1Wildcat III
Product image 2Wildcat III
Product image 3Wildcat III
Product image 4Wildcat III
Product image 5Wildcat III
Product image 6Wildcat III
Product image 7Aluminum Version
Product image 8Carbon Fiber Version

Regular price $ 269.00 USD Sale price $ 296.00 USD

Wildcat is a precision designed, engineered and crafted mini stabiliser used by camera operators who need an ultra-portable camera stabiliser solution. Compact and supremely balanced, the WildCat will help you produce perfectly stable shots with continuous smooth, crane-like, cinematic movement. It is available in either aluminium or carbon fiber. This is a fully manual stabiliser-therefore no batteries required!


What you get:

1 x Wildcat III
1 x carry bag

Tech Specs for WildCat III (Aluminium):

Materials: AL6063/SUS304/Carbon fiber
Weight: 0.88kg (excluding weights) +0.11kg
Payload : 0.5kg - 3kg
Dimensions: 90x125x350mm
Adjustable range of front & back: 93mm+93mm
Adjustable range of left & right: 40mm
Large counterweight: 195g
Medium counterweight: 63g
Small counterweight: 46g

Tech Specs for WildCat III (Carbon Fiber):

Materials: Carbon fiber/AL6063/SUS304
Weight: 0.71kg (excluding weights) +0.11kg
Payload : 0.5kg - 1.5kg
Dimensions: 90x125x310mm
Adjustable range of front & back: 73mm+73mm
Adjustable range of left & right: 40mm
Large counterweight: 148g
Medium counterweight: 47g
Small counterweight: 35g

Product features:

The WildCat III features our unique arm support - allowing for longer use and continuous movement without operator fatigue. The support fits snuggly under your arm allowing for extended use of the stabiliser by spreading the payload away from the user’s wrist and hand. This product also benefits from a standard quick release camera plate and easy to use fine adjustment controls allowing you to balance your camera quickly and accurately.


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