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iFootage HDMI Cables

Transcend your ideas with iFootage HDMI Cables. With up to 8K resolution, and fast transmission speed, you can monitor your filming production clearly and with no delay. Available in 3 variations for your different needs.

Your vision transmitted
in high definition

Whether you’re doing post-production editing, or live-streaming, iFootage HDMI Cables allow your creative vision to transcend from one device to another in high resolution.

Clear, sharp, and color-accurate
display with no delay

In the world of creatives, details matter. With up to 7680x4230 pixels, our technology ensures ability to transcend every detail to life as vividly as you imagine it.

Product Highlights

Thick Wire Core

High Transmission Speed


Dynamic HDR Technology

Supports 3D Feature

Know the right HDMI for you

Device Compatibility

Output Device

Display Device

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