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Interview with a Visual Storyteller - Clinton Harn

Interview with a Visual Storyteller - Clinton Harn

Describe yourself as a creative freelancer (who you are and what you do)
Even though I'm shooting my second feature film, and while most people would associate that with Cinematography, I'd like to see myself as more of a visual storyteller. I love creating short stories and shooting documentaries.

Tell us a bit about the remit for the Roulette Drums video-what did the client want
Tim wanted a promo video to showcase and brand his business. The brief was a simple piece that focused on honesty and passion for the art form.


Artistically, what did you wish to achieve with this video and why?
They are many artisan type videos out there. The purpose for this video was more functional rather than Artistic. But I also wanted to shoot it well and immerse the viewers into that space.

How did you manage to produce that particular style and look for the video? Tell us about the process please
I wanted to go for a low key type look with darker tones and a more dramatic look. I felt it suited Tim's style of boutique and handcrafted drums. 

What kit were you using for this shoot and why? (lamps, camera and support)
I've been really enjoying shooting with minimal gear, and also less than most staged productions. I get to use a lot of kit on features, but with smaller jobs and projects, I like using less gear so i can move the camera and tools quicker to achieve more coverage. My current camera kits consist of Panasonic EVA1s, GH5s and GH5s.

What did the iFootage Shark Slider Mini and Cobra 2 Monopod add to this?
The SSM is such a compact and convenient tool which I can set up almost instantly and reset very quickly around a shoot. Same with the Cobra 2 monopod. Its quality gear you don't have to spend hours learning to operate and it gets the job done. The portability, size and convenience also helps tremendously, considering the amount of travelling I do. I very impressed with the quality of the materials also. They are exceptionally well built.

Describe how you used them and to what effect?
I use the SSM primarily for Parallax shots and subtle dolly moves. You don't always have to make drastic moves for the sake of showing people you are using a slider or dolly. Subliminal or slower camera movement can be more potent when it's done well or when its motivated by the story or narrative. And of course, parallax shots are always great for showcasing products.

Please share three lighting tips/camera set up/camera movement tips
- Always start with your back light when going for something more dramatic- Ascertain where your practical light sources are coming from and use it as a motivational starting point- You don't always have to hide your lighting fixtures. Use them in shot to create a stylised look for a corporate or product video

What are your tips on getting a great response from an interviewee?
Always listen first, and make sure your questions are short and concise. Never cut them off. This will always illicit a better response from them.
Finally, what are you currently working on?
hahahaha, please see the attached video news report.
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