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Anglerfish SL1 220DN

From the powerhouse Anglerfish series that shines like no other, the 220DN emits brighter
and more powerful light, boasting a light source power of 220 watts

Make your cinematic visions brighter

Anglerfish Daytime Lights in a nutshell

True Tone & Natural

No more color cast issues, harsh blue lights, and long hours of post-production color correction


From the Anglerfish powerhouse, this 220 DN light is purposefully designed to bring better luminance to your production, whether it’s a huge film or you’re shooting your first vlog, ensuring your visuals are crisp, vibrant, and professional-grade, every time.

Make your ideas shine brighter with Anglerfish 220DN

Outdoor Shoot

Indoor Shoot

Product Highlights

Powerful Light Source

Illuminate any space, indoors or outdoors, with a light emitting 220 watts, bringing brightness to every corner.

Realistic and saturated colour

True to the essence of the Anglerfish Series, 220 DN radiates color-accurate and lifelike hues, faithfully replicating the natural sunlight experience.

Bowens Ready

Compatible with your standard and mini bowens for effortless setup and maximum versatility.

Remote Light Control

Simply stay put and take full control of your lighting settings with our remote light control feature.

DMX Support

Quick, effective, and dependable transmission of control signals to your light fixture through top-quality wiring and connections.

Full Lighting Control

Our lights are fully controllable through our Lumin+ App, giving you the power to adjust brightness, and color temperature, and choose presets right at your fingertips.

Intelligent Cooling System

With high-temperature alert and automatic heat protection, it adjusts fan speed to match light temperature.

Capturing Color

With its control box, it’s easy to adjust the color and lights according to your needs.

Know the right
Daytime Light for you

The iFootage Difference

Advanced rendering

Compared to traditional LEDs, our technology offers color rendering capabilities that are closer to incandescent bulbs

98 out of 100 CRI score

iFootage has achieved excellence in the Color Rendering Index, scoring remarkably close to perfection. This metric indicates how natural the LED light one emits.

34% more color accurate than other brands

This significant advancement ensures a heightened level of spectral accuracy, translating to vivid and true-to-life colors for your creative projects.


Our lights feature the versatile Bowens mount, ensuring compatibility with a variety
of Bowens accessories such as softboxes, beauty dishes, and more.

Technical Specifications


COB 40°
Light Projector

Discover endless possibilities
to bring light to your creative vision


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