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The Camera Hack - Andyax Productions

The Camera Hack - Andyax Productions


iFootage are the very proud sponsors of the youtube sci-fi video short ‘The Camera Hack’, the latest film from Andyax Productions in which Anders and Eskild play themselves in this fast paced action comedy. Released on Youtube, this short film, is in fact, 40 minutes long and great viewing it is too. It helps if you are a fan of our Norwegian duo as some of the best humour works with the knowledge that you know who they are and what they do in reality, well digital online reality anyway.

Beautifully shot on location in Norway, the film tells the story of how the boys are sent a ‘camera hack ‘which once installed, allows their cameras to do a lot more that just take photos. Enough said – I don’t want to spoil your viewing enjoyment by revealing the full plot of what is a very competently produced, low budget, highly watchable and very amusing short.

The plot is simple enough and the narrative is punctuated with amusing scenes which highlight particular peculiarities about the boys’ somewhat remote place of origin, their special interests and their growing claim to worldwide online fame. In one of the earlier scenes, Eskild is at home and the radio is playing in the background. The top news story of the day is that a cat got stuck up a tree and was rescued. I think that even the Norwegians would find that funny……..not that I’m stereotyping, of course.

Anyway, back to the plot. Eventually the boys are forced to go on the run from the Russian Mafia and are constantly recognised by members of the public for who they truly are…..the much esteemed bloggers, Anders and Eskild. These encounters are strangely self effacing and wonderfully, but mildly, self mocking. At one point when the boys are hold up in some woods and surrounded by armed men, they argue over which lens would, technically, be the right one to use in this situation……..Geektastic!

Though, in some respects, a homage to themselves and to the careers they have carved out in the video industries, the film stands up in terms of plot and character development……..after-all it’s never easy to play yourself. The multiple twists at the end are excellent and leave you wanting more.

Superior cinematography is undoubtedly helped by all that wonderful iFootage camera support equipment that they love to use. Fantastic slider and gib shots enhanced by great camera work and all that northern light, produced some very beautiful and memorable scenes. Small budget it may be, but it’s big on entertainment. Another great example of just what can be achieved with all the relatively low cost moving image kit which is now available to all film-makers.

Also just released is the first part of a series of behind the scenes videos which take the viewer through all stages of the production process and included in this informative 21 minute video, is crowdfunding and pre-production. Again the video is extremely well constructed and hosted by  Anders who goes on to describes filmmaking as ‘not always a bed of roses’….couldn’t have put it better myself.

 Anyway back to the Camera Hack…….This is a video short well worth the wait. It is also the last film that Eskild was to work on and appear in. The world is a much poorer place without him and his unique talents.

So, grab some popcorn, assume the relaxed position, click on the link below and enjoy…..


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