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A400 Round Base Monopod

Sleek and Steady. Transform small spaces, studios, or your bedroom into a creative canvas with the compact
and lightweight A400 Round base Monopod.

The perfect
filming buddy

Limited space should not limit your visions. The iFootage A400 Monopod, compact, durable, and versatile, ensures seamless compatibility with various gears, allowing you to change your set up with ease, so you can focus on keeping the camera rolling.

Make room for creativity

Bring your visions into visuals with no constraints. The sleek design helps you save space so there's more room for your creative ideas, and other gears.


Small Studio

Product Highlights

Stable & Shake-free
Metal Chassis

The metal chassis is reinforced and provides a sturdy and durable foundation that is resistant to deformation and damage. It ensures stability and eliminates any shaking or wobbling.

Quick and Efficient
Twist Locks

Give it a few twists to adjust with ease. Designed with a threaded locking mechanism, you can loosen or tighten your monopod swiftly

Versatile Mount

Compatible with multiple gears, with A400 Roundbase Monopod, you can mount your big lights, pocket lights, cameras, and even a shotgun mic.

Built-in Accessory

Set aside busy wires and cables with the Built-in Accessory Hook that serves as your own cable management.


Techinical Specifications


Anglerfish 200BNA

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